Software technology companies need a good brand name to differentiate and visible in the highly saturated market. Since there are many players in similar products and services segments, short and memorable brand name could be the deal maker. A great brand name along with matching domain name and logo will help you launch your company in no time. Brandemy presents some great information technology brand names for you to choose. 

Software company brand names ready with domain name and logo

In addition to providing ready brand names with domain name and logo, we also helps you to find and secure existing domain names if you already have a brand name. If you are particular about any name or if you got some specific requirement with regards to your brand name, please contact us and we will help you get the right technology brand name. We have decades of experience in domain name and branding and we will go extra mile to help you start with unfair advantage in the market.

Find a software company brand names for your technology sector, with following considerations:


- Brand name have to be catchy. Traditional names are no more available so a catchy word is the right way to go ahead. 


 - Short name creates value and easy to remember. Keep the name as short as possible, and will help you for a long time during marketing, designs and publicity.

Easy to remember 

- Marketing is all about brand recall and hence an easy to remember name helps in advertisement a lot. If your brand name can be remembered easily, customers will lock it in their mind easily.


 - It has to be unique. Else you will face issues while making your social platform profiles/pages, company registration and brand registration.


 - If you can keep it relevant to "software, technology, infotech", it will help clients correlating easily.

Technology companies tends to not give importance to their brand name. This happens as most of the founders are nerds or too much engrossed in their products or services. We all want a brand name which is catchy and the only we like. There are many reasons to get a short name, preferably around 5 characters with no particular meaning. Think about global IT giants like  Oracle, Adobe, and Google for example. They are short, memorable and with no particular meaning in English, but still they have become an household name around the world.

​It's always a good idea to find a brand name even before you start materialising your idea about your software products or services. It takes time and effort to nurture and grow your brand, so whether you enter into Software, Hardware, Services or Web Applications, your brand name will help you establish your business and make it successful. For the latest software brand names available with us, keep us in your favourites.